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DAILY UPDATES: Follow Per Jerberyd, Tomas Ericsson and Anders Grawin on our trip to the Italian/Swiss Alps. Daily updates are posted.
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» 24 July 2008: Updated The Alps 2008 pages with a separate webcam and weather forecast sections. To the Alps 2008 pages...

23 July 2008: Updated The Alps 2008 pages. Check it out.

17 June 2008: After a "lost" year in 2007 when being ill and forced to a gull surgery, I have slowly tried to get back into shape. My main goal for 2008 is a trip to the Alps in the middle of August. To test myself I made a one day speed ascent of Bierdnacokka in Norway. Check out some photos from "Bierdna" @ the beta pages of my upcoming Alps 2008 pages or follow this direct link.

9 August 2006: Added five winter photos from Lofoten. They are found at the bottom of the gallery. The photos of Glåmen were taken during our first ascent. --> To the Lofoten winter gallery.

13 April 2006: El Chorro is a magical place for trad and sport climbers. In 2004, sadly it was partly closed when it became forbidden to walk through the railway tunnels, used by climbers to approach the crags. We had the chance to make a visit prior to this rape on the climbing community. Here's a scenic photo gallery from El Chorro.

31 March 2006: I just had to publish some photos of our little Rasmus! You'll find them here!

21 March 2006: Video clip from Lofoten last summer. Ioannis Arvanitidis dares the celebrated jump between the horns of the Svolvaer Goat. He taped his digital to the helmet and jumped... View it!

17 March 2006: Jerberyd.com (mail+website) has been down for almost a week. Reason unknown. I have now moved the domain to a new host.

10 March 2006: Jonna and I got a son on 2 March. Everyting is OK. He's called Rasmus!

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